After suffering from so many sore throats from using the Nose Frida, I decided to look for something different. I stumbled across this and decided to give it a shot, even though it sounded weird (but probably not any weirder than sucking the baby's snots out myself I guess lol). This thing has made our lives so much easier when my son has a cold. he HATES getting his nose cleaned and this gets the job done thoroughly and fast. So its spend 5 mins with Nose Frida and still not get everything out, or spend less than 1 min with the Baby Vac and get EVERYTHING out? Baby Vac wins! Its not something you need to use for a quick cleaning but when your baby/child has a cold this will help them so much more. 


Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"The Best Thing, Ever!" - Falcon, Babylaska, NYAs a mother of 3 kids, ranging in age from 4 to 15, I have gone through my share of the snot suckers, starting with the basic bulb which seemed to be the only product available when my 15 year old was a baby and then moving on to the Little Noses syringe bulb which seemed to be a bit better, then Graco battery-operated aspirator, and Nose Frida. The bulb and the syringe were a complete nightmare where I literally had to sit on top of my kids to administer the procedure. The Graco was fine to a certain point, when the nose is very little, and then, it does not have enough suction. Nose Frida did the job, however, it took forever and made me feel like I was smoking hookah each time I had to do it, once, I did it in the very morning on an empty stomach and I think I literally cut off the oxygen supply to my brain, I became so dizzy, almost passed out, this thing requires a parent to have a serious set of lungs. Finally, I overcame my fears and the feeling of weirdness of using vacuum for my baby's nose and bought the Baby Vac. OMG, what a world of difference. No more chasing the kid around the house, it's as simple as him sitting and watching cartoons while I do the procedure. No more snot going down his throat, making him cough and wake up thousand times a night. This thing is seriously amazing, and what a simple idea, how come it was not invented in America? Why is this country so great at developing various drugs and drugging our kids with various decongestants, cough suppressants, fever reducers, don't even get me started on antibiotics when a simple thing like keeping their nose free of mucus does wonders?


Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Snot Sucker!" 
- Michael Edward
I bought this for my 11mo and 3yr old. The 10mo is slightly annoyed by it, the 3yr old thinks it is fun. Either way, it sucks snot. I would have given this 4 stars because it looks like over priced plastic tubing, but something about the design makes the business end extremely easy to clean. You would think a tube that had been Jackson Pollock'ed with snot would be a PITA to clean, but once you get water flowing down it the snot seems to cling to the water and slide out. So maybe some engineering did go into the over-priced tubing. I even over-flowed the business end one time and the next component had to be cleaned. Still a breeze. It snaps apart and a little soapy water does the job. I live in one of the top 5 cities for worst allergies, so I expect to get my money out of this. Maybe it will even help the kiddos sleep better with clear noses.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Best Aspirator We Have Found!" - Cristina, Maryland
A couple years ago I was looking for a good nasal aspirator for our baby, and was disappointed with the products I tried (see below). Then on a trip to Europe I picked this up and finally my search was over. (I breastfed my baby for over a year and it is really difficult for babies to nurse with a stuffy nose, so this was such a relief!) I'm glad to see that now it is sold here in the US, too.

Here is my comparison:
1) Bulb Syringe: Works well, but takes too long. Not the easiest to clean properly.
2) Battery operated Graco/Bebesound (same thing) Aspirator:  Compared to the bulb it is easier to work with and clean afterwards, but not as effective, because the suction is weaker. OK for thin mucus, continuously runny nose. But even for that, if you have a baby like mine, who cannot stay still for half a second, you'll find this little machine to be too slow. (No, the music does not help.)
3) Japanese "pigeon" Aspirator: Supposedly the suction power is controlled by the parent. We were only able to use it effectively for thin mucus, for which the battery operated aspirator was more comfortable to use. Not any faster though.
4) Vacuum Attachment Nasal Aspirator:  This is the best, we put away all the others. It's a clear tube, consisting of three parts. The tip is not intrusive, it does not go into the nose, and it is designed so that the snot does not travel into the tube. The other end attaches to the vacuum cleaner. I know, this sounds scary, doesn't it? We were in Europe where we saw it in action (and I thought they must be crazy!) I bought one, tried it on myself when I had a runny nose and also when dry. No, it did not suck my brain out :) Actually, the suction does not feel strong at all, so it is somewhat surprising how well it cleans. Effective and VERY FAST. My baby has no problem with the noise of the vacuum cleaner, but even if yours does, you can turn it off in a few seconds. I clean it immediately after each use (just run water through, hang to dry) and boil in water periodically. Some might find that too much work, but come on...

By the way, I still use it for my (now preschooler) girl, when she does not feel like blowing her nose.


Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"The Reviews are Right!" - Ollivia
Our baby had RSV and unfortunately we didn't know about this when he had it, it could have saved us at least one trip back to the hospital just to get his nose sucked out.

We too were afraid it would be too strong and tried it on ourselves first, it seemed to be the right suction pressure for our baby so we crossed our fingers and gave it a try. It worked beautifully and we were surprised at how close it was in function to the hospital version. I have to say it works just like the baby nose suction machines they have at the hospital (with just the nose piece not the deep suction tube if you've had that unfortunate experienced with your child) and pulled just as much mucus out.

Our baby is now in daycare and has been hit a little hard this allergy season so we use this about every day right now- he's 5 months old. He actually doesn't cry for this one,I think it it's because there are no surprises, no waiting for a bulb suck out once it's in the nose. He knows when it's on (because of the vacuum sound) and he knows it's a constant flow so he's more ready for it, if that make sense.

Overall an amazing product we highly recommend it.
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Must Have for Every Parent with Infants in the Household! - Sztup
This is a life saver. There is a learning curve for both the parent and the baby, but once you understand how to use it, this is a magical product. Cleans the nose better than anything else on the market, which makes the child and you sleep much better when they have a cold. Your baby also will have less chance to get an ear ache if the mucus does not build up inside.
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Worked Great!" - 
Layne, Indianapolis
I have been pretty devoted to the bulb syringe we were given at the hospital. It's the only product that has ever worked with a darn until now. While this is a bit of a pain to set up-- have to drag out the vacuum cleaner, and the clean up is a little gross-- it's highly effective and fantastic when my toddler has a cold. She doesn't love the noise, but it's gentle. I know b/c I tried it out on myself before doing it to her just to make sure if anyone's brain got sucked out it would be my own. Doesn't dry out or irritate her nasal passages the way the bulb syringe does. And you can SEE it working. She actually asks for it now


Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Absolute Must Have for All Infants/Toddlers!" - 
My pediatrician actually suggested this. My twins got RSV at 3 months old. They had a lot of mucus and congestion. The combination of post nasal drip and coughing actually caused gaging and choking followed by vomiting. The Arianna allowed me to suck out all of the mucus quickly to help prevent them from choking on the mucus that was getting stuck in the back of their throat from post nasal drip. The bulb syringe from the hospital doesn't work nearly as well and just upsets the babies.

I would absolutely recommend this. Its not too strong of a suction and I've used it on my 6 year old as well. I actually ordered 3 more for gifts at a baby shower!


Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"This product works." - Aerial
 When I got it in the mail I was confused on how how it was suppose to work. I hooked it up to a vacuum like the directions said and used it on my daughter it sucked all that snot out. She did not like it because she wasn't expecting it. But her cold was gone within the next day. I was so happy. Now I just have to buy a portable vacuum so I can take the aspirator on the go.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"So Easy to Use!" - Katie
My 18mo old screams when I come at him with a bulb aspirator, but we used the vacuum aspirator today for the first time and he actually laughed! The mucus being sucked out startles him a little, but he comes back to let me do it repeatedly. The aspirator slows the suction, so you can barely feel it on your hand. And my vacuum must be a little stronger because the mucus goes all through the tube instead of staying up top. It's easy to run hot soapy water through to clean, and I don't really care about some getting into the vacuum, but some might.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Baby-Vac vs. NoseFrida...Baby-Vac Wins, Hands Down!" - 
Allie, MA
 We purchased the NoseFrida first and we used it for the first 4 months. Well, I should say I used it (it's a Mama thing). Had I known about Baby-Vac, I would have purchased it first. 

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Best Nose Tool to Have Around!" - Dorie, Boston
Few years ago when my son's pediatrician told me about this product I thought he was crazy. It just didn't make any sence to me to connect something to a vaccum cleaner and stick it in my child's nose. Once I used the product I thinkotherwise. I think this is a must have in any household with an infant or toddler. It is safe and works great. I feel realy bad about waisiting money on products sold in retail stores because they do not work. Especially the battery operated Nasal Aspirators.

I find that using this product in combination with Saline Mist works best.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Only Thing We Use with Colds!" - Julia
This device is amazing! Hook up one end to your vacuum and the other to your child's nostril. Watch the boogers leave in an instant!

Like most parents, I was concerned with the intensity of suction from the vacuum. My husband and I purchased it, brought it over to our pediatrician and he told us that it was fine to use. He did tell us to use it ONLY for a runny nose. He told us not to use it if the nose is dry (blood in boogers from dry air). Easy enough instructions.

I like that this device helps with extracting the liquid that my son cannot do on his own. He can't blow his nose yet so this allows us to do it for him. He even points to the vacuum to ask us to suck his boogs out.

We bought one for my brother-in-law who has a 6-month-old. He's on his third child and he said he wishes he would have known about this earlier. It really makes your child's cold more tolerable.


Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Love the Baby-vac!" Brianna
This is the best booger sucker I have ever used. It works just as well as the suction units I have used in hospitals and is easy to clean. My older kids ages 2 and 4 can use it themselves and they don't mind it. Great product have already told several of my friends to purchase this. You won't regret buying this. Shipping was really fast as well.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Better than NoseFrida!" - 
James, Los Angeles, CA
The NoseFrida does the job, but it's so difficult to get all the snot out. It's also a struggle because our kid is squirming the whole time. I got the baby vac because we were frustrated with almost catching the snot, then running out of breath before it no longer clings. I was scared at first, because I was worried it would suck the kid's brain out, but it's 100x better. It's faster, more efficient, and most importantly the kid doesn't complain. He might even enjoy it. Skip the nose frida...get the baby vac.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Best Nose Cleaning Device Ever Invented!" - Alex, New York, NY
My poor baby had 7 yes it is 7 ear infections in one winter and we tried everything you could possibly think of but nothing worked until a friend of ours recommended this device. In case you do not know ear infections are actually caused by nose drip (ear and nose are connected).

Now about device, it is as simple as it goes, you connect it to you vacuum insert tip into baby nose and watch as it gets cleaned up. Do not, I repeat do not worry about air pressure, in this devise there is 3 chambers and by the time it gets to your baby nose it is perfectly gentle and just perfect to clean nose without causing any issues. I am currently using it on 3 years old, 2 years old and 3 month old. My 3 months old got staffed nose and could not sleep at night but 30 second cleaning before sleep time and we sleep like a baby. Before I inserted into my baby nose I did try it on myself so if you have any doubts just stick it into your own nose and you see. This thing is a life saver and in my older baby case ear saver for the past 2 years. I got one for my house and 3 as a present to my newly parents friends and that was the best present they got (well almost). The big difference between this one and other baby aspirators is the NON gross factor that you do not need to suck it by mouth YAK!!! And it actually works much better because it created constant gentle air pressure.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Thrilled with the Baby-vac!" Kim P.
We bought one of these after we got a referral from someone else. You approach it a bit skeptically, but honestly, after those blue baby nose basters fail at doing anything except spitting a snot in and out at the tip, you look for something else. This thing rocks and it's totally safe for the kids IMO. This purchase I'm recommending off of wasn't actually for us, it was for a friend, since they would be hesitant to commit buying it themselves at first too. We've now owned ours for two years and freaking love it. My older one holds the sucker herself now and likes doing it. As for my friends, they tried the baster, sat on this for a couple months, realized the baster wasn't doing anything and are now power sucking away!

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Best Baby Invention Ever!" -
Wish I could rate this 100 stars b/c it's seriously the best snot sucker out on the market period.

I've tried a nosefrida, the pigeon brand nose vacuum, a graco nasal aspirator and of course the hospital issue bulb syringe... and this blew all of them out of the water! Yes it's a bit of a hassle attaching it to your vacuum, but once you see the results... you can't use anything else. The only downside is that it's not very portable, but I take the nose frida or the nose vacuum when I'm out and about.
I wish I had this with my first child who is now 3. She will actually ask for us to use this... Yes, I am dead serious! She ASKS for this!

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Every parent needs this!!" - B
I am not one to write reviews, but this is one amazing apparatus. My daughter is almost 5 months and has just gotten her second cold and this one is worse than the first and has been really stopped up. The bulb syringe is what I had used in the past but seemed to be not getting much out. I have also tried another aspirator which you had to suck up the tube yourself, but this one seemed to get a lot more and save my lungs and is more sterile. I would highly recommend this to any other parents.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Tried Them All – This was the BEST!" - Erica, Long Beach, CA
So, my baby is always congested. I kept buying all sorts of nasal aspirators, and none of them seemed to get the job done. The snot sucker was ok, but it's hard trying to hold your breathe and suck those boogers out. Well, I bought the Baby-Vac (what else did I have to lose, besides $$??). Well, we were in LOVE from the first time we tried it. Lots of mucus came out of my poor babies nose, he was so congested. Now at 7months old, we only use it about once a day, and it's super easy to clean. I HIGHLY recommend. Stop wasting your money on the others. I wish someone would have told me about this sooner.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
Don't Hesitate!"  - ATW
This is one of my top 5 baby gear items!! The vacuum cleans out the mucus so effectively and quickly, and my son asks to use it and puts it up to his nose. The Baby Vac is a wonderful way to prevent more serious sickness when runny noses appear.

Don't hesitate, buy this for your child.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews 
"It does work!" - 
R.D. Williams, Germantown, MD
My son pretty easy got cold and it is miserable for both of us. He had hard time to breath and eat since he is under 1 year when he got cold. I had tried bulb suction, but it is useless. I had purchased 2 suction tube (you use your mouth to suck) from Amazon, they don't work at all. I am surprise how these products got good reviews(that is the reason I was persuaded to buy).

One parent recommends this one as they are very frustrated with the same problem that I have. Give it a try. It does work!

This produce is truly a smartest invention. It worth every penny that I paid. Highly recommend. The only thing is the home vacuum that attached to the unit is so loud that the noise scares him. I am looking for a portable and quiet operation vacuum.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"I Recommend to Every Mom!" - 
Oliver's Mama
I love this baby vac for my 20 month son. We have been using this for him since he was born. At first, my husband was worried that if I would suck his brain out. lol But even with strong vacuum (Dyson DC28) that never happened. I love how it works. This is my second purchase. My only complaint is the tip of vac can break off from washing it often. It came with two tips but they all got broken off after using it for 8 months. I didn't use everyday but when he had cold so not that often. After I used, I rinsed with very hot water. Maybe that is the reason it got broke but if I don't use really hot water, it didn't wash off too well. Anyways, I couldn't live without it so I had to buy another one. Yes, I recommend this product to all the moms with new babies and toddlers. Btw, This seller is very good. It cam in quick and there was a brush to clean the vac. Last time I bought from ebay, it was more expensive and didn't have cleaning brush.
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Fantastic!" - Altesean
One of the best products that we've bought for our baby highly suggest!! Our little girl much prefers this to any of the bulb type or parent powered straw suction ones. LOL not that she ever likes getting her nose cleared, but this is the one she hates the least, and is the easiest for us to use! Win Win.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"The Best and Fastest!" - NM
Sounds gross and scary but it is the best!!!! Last winter my kids were 3 months old infant and 3 year old, I have the nosefrida and it was ok for the little one, but then he started to be super active and I couldn't make him stay still to use the nosefrida (which is too a great product) so I got the Baby Vac, it is doing the job so perfect and so so so fast... I am super happy with it. My 3 yo was using it all by herself, she is playing and when she felt that her little nose is stuffed she went and started the vacuum cleaner and was cleaning her nose all by herself. Now with the change of the seasons the stuffy nose is back :( so same thing, my 1 yo is a little bit scared and he cries but like I said it is so fast that he forgets before he gets really upset :)) my older one again is using the Baby Vac by herself. It is really good thing to have and all my friends got it too. Will recommend it 100%.
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews 
"This is the Last Snot Sucker You Will Ever Buy!" - 
KAMY, Orange County, CA
My husband and I were happy with the NoseFreida until we decided to give the Baby Vac a try. In fact, it just arrived today. And, my son just happens to have a cold. I threw the NoseFreida away an hour ago.

I was shocked at the amount of mucous that it sucked out, and my vacuum isn't even that strong. His snot came out so fast that my son, who usually hates this ritual, didn't even have time to cry. For any of you parents out there that haven't bought this yet, stop wasting your time and get this Baby Vac now!
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Must Have!" - DW, Dover, DE
I must say this is the best 26 dollars ever spent. Prior to purchasing this product I purchased the comfy baby nasal aspirator. The comfy baby nasal aspirator does a good job, but it takes a lot of lung power and practice to remove all of the mucus from your baby's nose, even with the use of a saline solution. Its very good for on the go unlike those hospital aspirators which don't remove a thing. For home use I would 100% recommend this product. While your child may fight back while trying to suction it is well worth it in the end. Keep in my what child doesn't put up a fight when getting their nose cleaned. I thought that with using the vacuum it would suck my baby's brain out, but I tested it on myself first to see what kind of power we were dealing with first. Outcome mucus free nose with little effort at all. This is a must have for any family with a congested child in the home who can't blow their own noses.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Frightening, yet Effective!" - R. Sidopulos, Texas
 Before becoming a parent, there are many things you say you'll never do. Since I have relatives in Europe who used this thing, I swore I would never hook my child up to a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean her nose. How insane is that? Well, along comes the child with the most amazing congestion of all time. The relatives sent us their Baby Vac, but it sat around for a few months. I was too afraid to use it, despite the fact that every single nasal aspirator on the market in America just doesn't suck. You know they're awful. However, after the obnoxious *suction* *squirt* *suction* *squirt* *rinse the dried boogers* *repeat* ritual, I had finally had it. We tried the infernal Baby Vac and it was more amazing than we ever expected. Yes, our daughter hates it, but if you compare 30 seconds of screaming to vacuum a nose to 5 minutes of screaming with a traditional aspirator, you'll realize there's no comparison. I hate the baby vac, but I freakin' love the baby vac.
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Effective, yet Terrifying!" - 
Josh R.
 My Brother-in-Law is from the Czech Republic where these are apparently common. I'll have to say I was terrified when I first saw them use it on my nice. She's about 21months and still hates this thing but damn does it work!
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Great Nasal Aspirator!" D. Villarreal
We bought this a few months after my son was born, from Canada. We had used the Nose Frida before the Baby Vac, and with sucking out his secretions by mouth, I ended up catching every cold he had, with the world's worst sore throat every time. After that, I decided to look for a suction that could be attached to a vacuum. We actually bought a quiet canister vacuum to use with this suction, and this whole set up works so well! Our son, who is in daycare full-time and does get sick twice a month for about 10 days each, has only had 1 ear infection in 15 months. He sleeps well through each cold (after the aspiration), effectively fighting it off and strengthening his immune system. With a little saline, and the vacuum set on the lowest setting (I found it actually works better at easing out tough secretions), we clean his nose out every day when he is congested - multiple times a day when he's really congested. It's amazing how much it sucks out sometimes. I recommend it to everyone!

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Great Product! - T
Love this thing! We bought our original from Canada six years ago as we couldn't find it in the US. It worked great and my son didn't mind it too much. However, in all of our moves, we somehow lost it. We managed to replace it with battery operated one from Target, which was horrible. With my daughter, we used the bulb and it was just too intrusive, slow and she hated it. So I went on a search for it and found it on mybabyvac! Now we use it on my daughter when she needs it and hopefully our newborn stays healthy and doesn't need it anytime soon, but if he does, we are ready!

Pros: Works fast, gets it all out (unless you have a horrible vacuum), easy to set up and easy to use. Don't have to worry about going too far into the nasal passage and causing bloody noses, etc.

Cons: Have to get out the vacuum each time...but this is a small price to pay when it allows my little ones to breathe at night!

BTW, shipping from was super fast as well.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
 - T
Bought this for my son who is 1 year old and suffered from stuffy nose for more than several weeks already. I was terrified when I first saw how much stuff he had inside his tiny nose!!! Within a few days his nose was clean and clear and I had my happy boy again. I must say he was scared at first, but then he realized that he feels better after "being vacuumed" and got all excited when he knew that he's going to be vacuumed again.

Don't hesitate, buy this item.

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"Best Nasal Aspirator Invented, Yet!" Sasha, NY
I discovered this nasal aspirator from my doctor who uses it in his office for small babies. After watching how effective it was, I bought one! I am so glad I bought this, it has helped lessen the amount of possible nasal and bronchial infections my children could've gotten if I had not invested in this thing. They catch colds from school and each other and both of them are not very good at blowing their noses even though they try. All I do is spray a little saline into their noses and then vac. Don't be deterred by seeing their snots in the tube, it's a little gross at first but it's actually very helpful to see the color of their snots. It helps you determine if they are getting a sinus infection. It works so very well and easy to clean!

Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
"A Must for All Moms! - 
Hampton Roads, Virginia
I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old. They both got a cold at the same time.

Sounds crazy using a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean out your baby's nose - and it will freak out your mother-in-law at first glance, but it is fantastic and it does not suck out brains as you might think. Somehow the power of the vacuum is diffused into the right amount of suction. Believe me, I tried it on myself first. Amazing! What a great invention. Wish I'd invented it! My 2 year old isn't exactly a fan of having anything up his nose, but I bribed him into putting this in his own nose. We make a game out of it now. When he is sick, I leave the vacuum plugged into an outlet in the corner of the kitchen and it is much nicer visiting the vacuum "station" once an hour, than going through a box of tissues each day. No more chapped nose! My 4 month old isn't a fan either, but the key to little babies is to make sure their mouth is open. Operation is easy. My vacuum has an attachment that fits one end of the vacuum tube, and gets narrow for edge cleaning on the other. I invert that attachment so the edger part goes inside the vacuum tube. The aspirator tube then fits on the exposed end. Onto that aspirator tube, you attach one of the 2 different nose hole attachments. I've only used the smallest so far and it works on both me and my kids. I find it works best if you move it around a little when vacuuming the nose out.
Arianna Baby Vac 5 Star Reviews
Every Parent Should Have One!! - SC, Canada
I bought this Arianna Baby Vac about 3 years ago, when my sister-in-law talked me into getting one.

When I heard you have to attach it to your normal household vacuum (7 and 13 Amps. or 700-1500 Watts) I thought she must've have lost her mind to use such a thing on a baby! But she insisted to at least look at some of the videos on youtube, so I did it out of curiosity and wow!...almost threw up watching the amount of stuff being pulled out of those tiny nostrils.

"Eeeewww!" I said to myself, and "Nah...that was too good to be true"!
I then went on google to look for BAD ONLY reviews hoping to get back to her and let her know she was wrong...

I could NOT find one, NOT ONE bad review for the life of me!!! I was totally intrigued by this, thinking how come none of the parents were reporting having their babies brain being sucked up by this "horrifying" invention!
So, I bought one ONLY for the purpose of starring at it (or so I thought).

I was able to find it here, in the states, at this website. Super fast shipping, great communication (by email only). The seller even helped me when I needed some replacement parts ,the now 2 vacuums that I own, on almost all my small kids (from the baby one to the 2 years old, then 5, then 6 years old,- last ones when they're too lazy to bother blowing their nose).

Do not hesitate! Go and purchase one! You will NEVER EVER regret it! On the opposite! YOU will be the one letting other parents, friends, relatives know about it! "Arianna Baby Vac" is by far, the best of the best product out there when you have babies, toddlers, small children and stuffy noses! They will be able to breath peacefully and you will be able to sleep (finally!) :)

I asked myself so many times how in the world I survived with my older one during that whole time when I did NOT know about this amazing product!