The Best Baby Nasal Aspirators

Our Opinion on the Baby-Vac Nasal Aspirator

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The reaction of people when you tell them that you blow your baby’s nose with the vacuum cleaner is really surprising. However, initial skepticism quickly turns into an appreciation of the vacuum cleaner’s performance. It hasn’t stolen its place among the best nasal aspirators.

The Arianna Baby-Vac can be used safely and fearlessly from birth. Mucus is sucked up by the suction of your vacuum cleaner to which you have connected a nozzle designed for this purpose. Simply activate the motor of the vacuum cleaner and then insert the nozzle into your child’s nostril and let the magic happen. The aspirator nozzle is compatible with the majority of aspirators on the market, including central vacuums and shop-vacs.

The suction power of the Baby-Vac prevents the mucus removed from your child’s nose from returning to it as is possible with suction nasal aspirator.

Many parents fear that the suction of the Baby-Vac is too powerful and will injure their child, but the company and the many parents who love this baby nasal aspirator will prove you wrong. Moreover, the device has been approved by pediatricians and is often recommended by doctors.

With a cooperative baby, the use of the Baby-Vac is a real charm. The problem here is that the majority of children are not comfortable with the noise of the vacuum cleaner motor combined with the delicate intervention of the nasal aspirator. The experience can even be traumatic for the most sensitive ears.

Also, the limited length of the tubing prevents you from moving the vacuum cleaner away from your child while blowing your child’s nose. The vacuum cleaner should therefore be near you. In addition, this means that you should always have the vacuum cleaner close at hand during colds. Do some parents really appreciate a vacuum cleaner lying around with toys?

The collection device with the nostril nozzle is divided into 3 different parts to facilitate washing. Before the first use, you must immerse the different parts of the Baby-Vac in hot soapy water and rinse them well. Afterwards, be sure to rinse the nasal tip and the collection device thoroughly after each use. The nasal tip can be sterilized with boiling water.


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