Nasal Suction for Babies

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Nasal Suction for Babies

Babies are especially susceptible to colds. Their little immune systems are still trying to develop, they can't blow their own noses, and are unable to take any preventative measures on their own. It is not uncommon for a baby to develop seven or more colds within it's first year of life. A baby's nostrils are small to start with, and babies have not yet learned to breath through their mouths, so nasal congestion is especially problematic for them. One way to easing the discomfort is to use one of the many devices designed to provide nasal suction for babies. There are several types on the market, and all of them are very modestly priced. They all work equally well, so it is more a matter of personal choice, rather than efficiency.
The simplest device is a rubber bulb-syringe. It has a nozzle, a short stem, and a manually operated bub on the end. Nose suction for babies is accomplished by squeezing the bulb, inserting the nozzle gently into one of the baby's nostrils, and slowly releasing the pressure on the bulb. This creates a gentle vacuum that powers the nasal suction for babies. It is very gentle on their tender nasal passages.
Another type of device that provides nasal suction for babies is known colorfully as the 'Snotsucker' (they had to call it something...). This gadget provides nasal suction for babies by the use of a small plastic reservoir with small nozzle and a seal, that keeps air from rushing into the baby's nose while suction is being applied. The reservoir has a sterile biological filer in the end of it, and a tube with a mouthpiece at the end. Nose suction for babies is accomplished by placing the mouth piece in your mouth, and....sucking. The filter prevents any mucous or viruses from reaching your mouth, and you can control the amount of suction applied....... There are  a few other devices that provide nasal suction for babies using the same principle, under different brand names.
There are devices available that provide nose suction for babies using batteries. These usually operate with AA batteries, are safe, and provide gentle, even nasal suction for babies. They are also fairly quiet, so they may not scare your child as much as other methods. Some of them even play songs to distract your baby. If you are into gadgets, these may be just what you want.
Lastly, for those really into high-tech gadgets, there is the Baby Vac. This device provides nasal suction for babies by using the suction of your vacuum cleaner (but not the power, so if you have a high-end cleaner, it's still safe to use for this...). One end goes in your babies nostril and makes a seal. The tube runs to a reservoir, and a regulator that keeps the vacuum at a safe, gentle level. Nose suction for babies is accomplished by the tube that attaches to your vacuum cleaner. When you turn it on, it creates a gentle vacuum that safely removes the mucous from your babies nasal passages.
Before using any device that provides nose suction for babies, you should learn to use all the proper safety precautions. Never use any device for nose suction for babies without cleaning it thoroughly both before, and after every use. That means a complete disassembly and sterilization.  You should wear latex gloves and a surgical mask when using nose suction for babies, to protect yourself from exposure to the viruses.
Used properly, devices that provide nose suction for babies can be a great help in making your baby more comfortable when it is suffering from a cold.



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