Nasal Suction for Babies with Colds

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Nasal Suction for Babies with Colds

It's difficult when your little one gets a virus. It can be rough, both physically, and psychologically. About all you can do is apply nasal suction, and try to control the fever. But, keeping the nasal passages clear is also a big step towards making your baby more comfortable. This is normally done with the use of a nasal aspirator for baby. There are many different types of devices to choose from, and all are modestly priced .
Of course, prevention is the best medication , but odds are, your child will come down with the common cold at some point. It is not unusual for infants to have 7 or more colds during their first year. A baby's immune system is not yet developed enough to fight off the viruses that cause colds. But before you break out the nasal aspirator for baby, you should learn a little bit about nasal suction, and the workings of a nasal aspirator for baby. It may sound like redundant advice, but you'd be surprised at how many people buy something, and try to use it without understanding how it works. A nasal aspirator for baby is no different than any other device, in that respect.
The human upper respiratory system is developed to drain out when the head is erect. Since babies can't stand or sit on their own, mucous can drain back into the esophagus, into the abdomen, chest, and even into the Eustachian tubes and into the inner ear, resulting in earaches, abdominal pain, and persistent coughing. Eliminating excess mucous with nasal suction can help avoid this.
One way to make your baby more comfortable is to keep it's nasal area clear to allow for easier respiration, through the use of nasal suction. Caution: Before using any kind of nasal aspirator for baby, be sure to spray the baby's nasal passages liberally with a saline solution and allow it to set for a few moments to loosen dry mucous. Dry mucous will hurt when it pulls loose, and can damage tender nasal tissue. After a few minutes, it will be safe to begin nasal suction.
The most basic nasal aspirator for baby is a rubber bulb-syringe. This is a short nozzle, with a manually-operated 'bulb' on the end. You just squeeze the bulb, place the end of the nozzle carefully into the baby's nose (not too far), and slowly and gently release pressure on on the bulb. The bulb will create nasal suction, drawing the mucous into the bulb. Then, empty the bulb, rinse the unit, and do it again for the other nostril. The drawback to this type of nasal aspirator for baby is that they are difficult to clean and sterilize. They can not be taken apart, and all you can do is rinse them in a mild chlorine solution to sterilize them. Any nasal aspirator for baby should be cleaned and sterilized before, and after every use. You should also use latex gloves and a surgical mask to protect yourself from exposure to the viruses.
If you like like gadgets, you may want to purchase an electric model, or even a baby vac. Any electric nasal aspirator for baby provides nasal suction via a small, battery powered electric motor. A baby vac is a nasal aspirator for baby that removes mucous from your baby's nasal passages by creating the nasal suction using your vacuum cleaner (but with regulated power, so if you have a Kirby, Electrolux, or a Rainbow, don't fear. It will still work safely...). The baby vac has a little hose, misting nozzle, collection tank, and another hose to connect the baby vac device to your vacuum cleaner. The baby vac creates nasal suction more like a nasal aspirator for baby that a physician uses in the office.
With appropriate use, and care, a nasal aspirator for baby, and nasal suction can be a great help in treating your baby's cold

Nothing in this article is to be taken as medical advice of any kind. It is for informational purposes only. If you feel your child has a health issue, seek the advice of a licensed physician.



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